A showcase/shit fight/slapdash comedy party co-hosted by sketch and stand up legends Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall and Pat Burtscher. Featuring an excellent lineup of the festival's weirdest comedians, clowns and characters doing some of the stupidest things they can think of, Soul Bank's late night variety show is high-risk, low-cost and medium-excellent. No two nights are the same!


On Pat:

★★★★ "This guy is funny, and, seemingly, effortlessly so."  The List (UK)

“Undeniably funny” Chortle (UK)

"Chaotic...unruly...mesmerising...bizarre" Heckler (AUS)

On Al:

“Delightfully quirky...offers treats for every audience.” Chortle

“Refreshingly intelligent comedy…honest, insightful and absurdist stand-up.” Heckler

“Genuinely smart and funny absurdity.” Australian Stage

“Warm, confident and occasionally absurd” – The Age