Some lovely things reviewers have said about Alasdair in week 1 (and other hilarious things)

Alasdair Trembley-Birchall is currently winning the Don't Be Lonely prize for most ridiculous show. As well as performing his dry, charmingly awkward fully crafted Edinburgh debut stand-up show Success Arms he also lists things for one hour every day in Alasdair Lists Everything. This fully improvised show is simple in concept, and in less capable hands would be impossible to execute. But he's doing it. And gathering crowds of loyal followers. As well as generating a hilariously confusing review: 

★ "Rather than listing, he states and states random items...Alasdair never shouted, as he does on the poster, but was laconic, almost shy-seeming, and sometimes paused, as though thinking of an ending for his phrase. No intro or talking to the audience as audience, and he just walked off, smiling."  - Scotsgay

There is now a review of the review on Fringe Pig. The charm of the show seems lost on Tony Challis but the twitter followers (#allister) are loving the lists. 

Now as promised in the title of this post here are some lovely things reviewers have said about Success Arms this week. 

"Our host is a very funny man" - ThreeWeeks

"Trembley-Birchall certainly has a way with words, painting quirky images in your mind's eye and drawing you along with the joke until you can't help but laugh" - BroadwayBaby 

Read more about the man behind the jokes in The New Current! here.

 Photo by Evan Munro-Smith

Photo by Evan Munro-Smith